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MoodleLogo.gif Moodle

Moodle is known as a Course Management System (CMS) or Learning Management System (LMS).
It is a free web application that provides a secure, password protected digital learning environment where learning can be extended beyond the limitations of a traditional classroom setting. Moodle can be used to create, deliver, and manage web-based academic content. Components can be added to supplement current in-class instruction or it can be used to deliver a course completely online. Moodle also allows teachers to interact with students outside the classroom by providing opportunity for rich interaction and collaboration.


Elgg is an open-source Social Media component, originally developed as a Social Networking add-on to Moodle. Several universities including Stanford and Carnegie-Mellon use Elgg as the basis for their online courses. Elgg derives its name from the Swiss hometown of its creator, Ben Werdmuller von Elgg. Elgg is now used as a stand-alone social networking tool for businesses, universities and schools. Because Elgg is open-source software it is free to use and there is an active community of developers creating additional tools for Elgg. View this video for an overview of Elgg.


Wikispaces is a web based environment that allows teachers and students to collaborate, create and communicate with parents and each other about content being taught in class. It is a web environment that allows any one to access any time and from any device. This is not an environment where only teachers put content information and student go to the website to learn what the teacher presents. Instead this is a web 2.0 environment that allows students to add connections to content, create discussions and post images or videos that correlate with the content.

teach_webpage.pngTeacher Webpage
Teacher websites are a place for teachers to advertise what is going on in the classroom. This is an environment that teachers are the only ones doing the sharing of content. It's a place where parents and individuals looking to move into the community can go to and learn about what is happening in a particular school and in a particular classroom.