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Digital Learning Objects

Let's Get Digital!

Creating and Sharing Digital Learning Objects to Support and Enhance Your Curriculum


Digital learning objects (DLOs) have been conceptualized as self-contained units of learning created for online, face-to-face, and blended learning. Practitioners have been discussing various ways to create these electronic objects for quality, portability and usability between technological systems, and increased sharability—to increase the efficiencies in the uses of these (to save on the time invested in the development of such objects). Many have used digital learning objects without using this label. That said, there are a variety of definitions of digital learning objects as well. This module will not subscribe to any one definition, but it will introduce some of the general aspects of digital learning objects (DLOs).

To over-generalize, digital learning objects are commonly used presential (presentation-based) and experiential (experience-based) formats for online (and other types) of learning. These may be stand-alone objects, or they may be part of a module (a larger unit of learning), or courseware (a whole learning sequence).

Why Learning Objects?

Learning increasingly takes place in diverse environments such as Web-based courses, video courses, traditional classrooms, Web sites, and resource repositories. Learning objects are adaptable and flexible in any place of learning.

Students have diverse backgrounds and knowledge. Learning objects can teach and remediate, and offer many different kinds of media to match the styles and paces of learners.

Learning objects add flexibility to the teaching and learning experience. Faculty use learning objects when teaching a basic concept, applying concepts in "real world" applications, checking and testing mastery, providing simulation, or giving remedial instruction.

Let's learn more about Digital Learning Objects