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Photo Booth can do more than take snapshots, it can also create video.

Here is how to do that:
Photo Booth Icon.png

1. Open Photo Booth - If it is not in your dock, you can find it in your Applications folder. Drag it to your dock for easy access.

2. Set the Application to "Auto Flip New Items". That way you won't have to flip the photos with text on them after they are taken.
PB AutoFlip.png

2. To take a snapshot, the picture button should be selected, which also displays the camera you click to take the snapshot.

3. To take video, select the video button, which then displays a video camera to click to begin recording.

4. When taking a picture or video, after you click the center button, Photo Booth will count down from 3 before taking the picture or recording the video.

5. Once pictures and/or video is taken, thumbnails appear. You can drag them to your desktop or into other applications from here.
PB Thumbnails.png

6. To delete a picture or video, click on it. An "X" will appear. Click the "X" to delete the picture or video.
PB Delete.png

Photo Booth Effects

Photo Booth offers several different effects and backgrounds you can use when taking pictures or videos.
Several effects are built in to Photo Booth.

Backgrounds are available.
PB Backgrounds.png

Or you can add your own background image by simply dragging your picture into one of the backdrop areas..
PB Backgrounds2.png