Video Editing using QuickTime PlayerTrim video with QuickTime Player

Video tutorial on Trimming Video

1. With the video open in QuickTime Player, go to "Edit" and down to "Trim...".

2. That will make the trim bar appear. Drag the end(s) to where you want and click "Trim".

3. Save the "trimmed" version of the video.

Split Videos and Rearrange Clips

Video tutorial on Splitting and Rearranging Video Clips

1. Open the video in QuickTime Player, drag the playhead (the small diamond) to the place where you want to split the video.

2. Choose "Edit" and then "Split Clip". You movie will then be split into two clips.

3. To view the clips, go to "View" and down to "Show Clips".

4. To split one of the clips in two, select one of the clips and drag the playhead (now a red vertical line) to the location where you want to split the clip. The choose "Edit" and "Split Clip" (see Step 2). Repeat this process as needed.

5. Once the video is split into 2 or more clips, the clips can be dragged to new locations.
Note: you can also copy clips from another video and paste them into your video. When you paste in the clip, it will appear at the beginning of the movie. To change its location, just rearrange the clips.

6. Once you have finished splitting clips, and possibly rearranging them, click "Done".

7. Save the new version of your video.