Instant Alpha

Instant Alpha Steps - Video Tutorial
  • Open image in Preview
  • On the Toolbar, click the Select dropdown menu and select "Instant Alpha"
  • PreviewInstantAlphaStep350.png
  • Cursor becomes a crosshair, click and drag on color you wish to make transparent
  • The selected area will turn a salmon color, be careful not to over do it
  • Once area is selected, go to "File" and down to "Invert Selection"
  • PreviewInstantAlphaStep2.png
  • Then go to "Tools" and down to "Crop"
  • PreviewInstantAlphaStep3.png
  • Repeat the process until all of the desired color areas have been removed.
  • IMPORTANT - Saving - Needs to be saved as a PNG file - so change the format to PNG
  • PreviewInstantAlphaStep4.png