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Creating, Editing, and Exporting Video

QuickTimeIcon.pngQuickTime Player
QuickTime Player is an application that is normally used to view videos, but it can do so much more. You can actually create movies, audio files, and screen casts using QuickTime Player. It also has the ability to split video clips so that they can be rearranged or you can use it to trim movie files. When you select the standard HD export setting, QuickTime Player uses high-performance H.264 encoding for optimal performance. This will allow your videos to be uploaded to vBrick and played on multiple mobile devices.

Here are some basic steps to follow when using QuickTime Player to create movies and/or audio files.
You can also use QuickTime Player for some basic video editing. Here is some QuickTime Player Editing Information.

iMovie is Apple's free video editing software. With iMovie you can create, edit and add a number of effects to your movies. You can upload video from a video camera, import video from another source, or create videos from still images - or all three.

Resources for iMovie:
Creating an iMovie - Source for connecting a video camera, importing video and an overview of some of the features.
iMovie Tutorial1 - handout that shows some of the features of creating an iMovie, especially for creating a video from stills.
iMovie Tutorial - a video created from the above handout. The handout above was made in Pages, I took the images and the text from the Pages document, put it into Keynote and then exported it as a video. This is killing two birds here - notice YOU DON'T NEED IMOVIE TO CREATE A MOVIE!
Apple Tutorials - These short little videos are the best out there for learning iMovie.
iMovie HD Getting Started - Apple's getting started series. This is a great resource created by Apple, use them in conjunction with the Apple tutorial video.

PhotoBoothIcon.pngPhoto Booth
Most everyone knows that Photo Booth makes it easy to create snapshots. But did you know that you can use it to create videos? You can even use the Photo Booth effects to make your video more interesting.

Here is some basic information to help you use Photo Booth to create video.

We tend to think of Keynote as a way to make presentations merely Apples version of PowerPoint. What many do not realize is that Keynote can also be used as a way to create videos. The advantage to using Keynote for video creation in the classroom is that you do not need to make sure students use the same computer (Keynotes can be saved on their server while iMovie files are saved on the computer). This provides for greater flexibility. It also can be used as a replacement for GarageBand when creating "podcast" types of projects. Most teachers and students feel comfortable making a presentation - many teachers may not be comfortable opening up iMovie or GarageBand but you can create many of the same types of products in Keynote.

View this step sheet for creating Keynotes with Voiceovers and Exporting as Movies

Examples of Student Work

Student Poetry Project - Students had to have their poem and examples of poetic devices.
Student Vocabulary Project - Students were assigned a vocabulary word, give the definition, part of speech and use it in a sentence.
Green Screen Tutorial - Students created a video on how to use Green Screen Effect in iMovie
Student Science Keynote - Students created a Keynote demonstrating information learned about rock uses, embedded video and voiceovers